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in November, the total retail sales of consumer goods reached 810 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 18.8%. geographical point of view, retail sales of urban consumer goods 542 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 19.2%, county and County retail sales of 267 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of 18%. sub industry, retail sales of wholesale and retail trade 682 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 18.8%; accommodation and catering industry retail sales of 110 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 21.6%; other industries retail sales of 18 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 3.7%. sub commodity categories, above the limit wholesale and retail trade, eating, wearing and selling retail sales grew by 29.9%, 29% and 27.6%, respectively. Among them, 48% growth in cereal, meat and eggs increased 45.3%, 29% growth in garments and textile products, office supplies culture growth of 18.6%, sports, entertainment goods increased by 31.8%, 31.3% growth in commodity, household appliances and audio-video equipment grew 27.5%, an increase of 59.5% kinds of furniture, building and decoration materials increased by 56.8%, cosmetics an increase of 33.4%, growth of 39.2% gold and silver jewelry, communications equipment rose 5.4%, 35% growth in automobile, petroleum and petroleum products grew by 22.1%. 1-11 months, the total retail sales of social consumer goods 80195 yuan, an increase of 16.4% over the same period last year. (Editor: admin)There are well-known brand sports shoes Lining exclusive title, the theme of "war on Beijing, to meet the future" Eighth ". The prince Lining Cup International Youth Tennis Ranking Tournament ended yesterday in Beijing. 8 years old group 10 years old group 12 years old group 14 years old group 16 years old group and family group six winner of the ultimate winner attribution. "Lining. The prince Cup International Youth Tennis Ranking Tournament is a tournament in 2002. Through 7 years of operation, the event has become Chinese the largest and most influential and charismatic young tennis brand event. 14 years old group won the women's doubles title of the Chinese small player Gronzo Mar admitted that he can in this age of the game won excited, looking ahead, at the same time in the China open, has become the largest power to their occupation player.Tennis management center director Wang Baoshan in an interview Cheap jordans online with the media, competition has always been adhering to the popularization and promotion of youth tennis movement, and constantly improve the level of youth tennis movement concept, careful design of game time and competition system, professional operation events, explore and formed a strong regional, a long time, in the crowd, wide influence, suitable for young people to participate in a wide range of grassroots youth tennis competition system. "events have become a useful supplement Chinese Tennis Association Youth competition system, to cultivate talents and explore and continuously improve the level Chinese youth tennis made due contribution." He said.It is reported that the event:Fashion luxury goods adidas Originals launched a joint series of single products Wallace & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2014-12-29 14:42:26 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network www.cnxz.cn & nbsp; [source: ELLE Chinese net] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network December 29 hearing, quell the red carpet, her elegant glamorous flawless; runaway on the streets, she was free and easy to let the cool air of the dress sense of distance disappear instantly. The Variety goddess, is Wallace. 2015 spring and summer, adidas Originals collaboration with Wallace family to write a new tune, get inspiration from her own personality also has just soft, and the use of strong visual effect of black, white and gold tricolor interspersed among them. & nbsp; asymmetrical design inspired by Wallace impressive red-carpet style as well as on weekdays cold street style, Oversized cut also cleverly integrated into the classic elements of men's suits, both hard and soft. Single product aspects including asymmetric design sports jacket and T-Shirt, and in order to meet the 45th anniversary of the build Superstar golden version also incorporates details of the more eye-catching black spots. (Media Partner: Orem Fort Men's & nbsp; Jin Chang in elevator shoes) Related news, this beautifully unusual customized work from Chef of GourmetKickz, is specially designed for Penny Hardaway's 43 year old birthday. The shoes of this pair of Nike Air Foamposite One are dyed blue, with yellow, pink and purple 1, Cent, logo textures, shoes, eyes and shoes, and a gradient of blue lining and crystal outsole. 2012-8-7 upload and download attachments at 17:24 (124.33, KB) American street skateboar Cheap foamposites for sale d brand Vans's high-end extension Vans Vault latest to bring the Authentic Nomad Rand LX, the shoe body choose Oxford cotton material, high quality suede texture detail and white collocation of vulcanized soles, there are bronze, sand dunes and blue three color version of the color, the overall is still relatively very refreshing is now officially on sale in the Vans DQM General. 2012-8-7 17:24 upload and download attachments (116.55 KB) 2012-8-7 17:24 upload and download attachments (119.1 KB) 2012-8-7 17:24 upload and download attachments (116.66 KB) 2012-8-7 17:24 upload and download attachments (128.3 KB) 2012-8-7 17:25 upload and download attachments (101.51 KB) 2012-8-7 (17:25 upload and download attachments 132.06 KB );CROSSOVER STORE is a shoe store in Malaysia. By combining Blaze with PUMA, of Glory and Disc Blaze joint shoes, we have created a series of The Velvet Twin Pack with great sensory impact. Blaze, of, Glory, "Rose" shoes are decorated with pink shades of gray, and the rose patterns on the sole of the shoe show tenderness and grace. Another Disc, Blaze, "Mystery" shoes, through black leather, seems to express a black satirical drama, showing a unique mystery charm. The two cooperation will be in April 23rd and May 15th in the domestic PUMA designated stores for sale. Air Jordan 1 High "Royal" is definitely the shoes inside the circle of popular categories of shoes, often offering sensitive nerve will lead to global shoe fans, every time we are with the hope to take a chance. However, too, many people can only be speculation because of the higher price or market price and give up. But if there is a pair of similar styles, and design good if you are interested in money instead? The day before Air Jordan 1 Ultra High will bring the classic black and blue "Royal" color. With the wool material and fabric material merging together, and the shoes look more is the use of high tube socks one-piece design. Swoosh Logo shoes in blue embroidery. The overall effect is quite good. It is reported that this new work will go on sale in mid December. You may wish to take note of interest sale details luck.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - shoe story] spring of 1985, the United States hundreds of millions of TV viewers saw such an ad: a basketball quickly rolls to the pitch at one end, waiting there easily with a handsome guy wearing colored sn cheap jordans for sale eakers foot hook the ball into the hands, start the ball moving, at the same time, blaring noise of the engine engine roar of the engine getting louder and louder, young man followed soar. The last 10 seconds of advertising is Jordan's "Walk in the Clouds", even though the audience had never seen a basketball game, also lamented in his superb skills. This ad is not only proof of Jordan has a special ability to fly, also hinted at his feet and the shoes are also necessarily linked to this. In this ad, that magical guy is the famous NBA sports star Michael? Jordan, his feet a pair of sneakers is the famous brand "Nike." Before retirement, Jordan ???????: "? Phil Knight and Nike turned me into a fantasy figure." This is the inside of the Knight "Nike," the founder, he put a small company into a large Group, the once unknown superstar Michael Jordan pushed to the position. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 1938 years an ordinary boy born in the United States, and then, like most of their peers, he likes sports, playing basketball, baseball, running, His name is Phil? Knight, as a general ordinary young man, his Adidas, Puma brand is very familiar with this kind of sports, but the unexpected is, is this extraordinary young man, after creating a new brand - Nike, Adidas dominance even more than in the sports field. Knight has been very fond of sports, his high school paper almost entirely with sports-related, even universities chose the headquarters of the US Track and Field - University of Oregon. Although Knight likes sports, but only a mediocre score of 1 mile Runners, his worst score of 4 minutes 13 seconds, almost did not enter the ranks of world-class athletes (score of 4 points), and like him almost Too many people! But fortunately so, otherwise we would not see today a great entrepreneur. In Oregon, Knight met his lifelong mentor, is their coach, Bill? Bowerman. Bowerman 1950s had a row to break the world marathon record, Eugene, Oregon, and thus also famous. He is extremely ambitious man, bent to make their sports teams than any other team. Training and competition, the athlete's foot disease is the most common offenders, Bowerman he wanted to design a shoe, the bottom light and sound support, small friction and stability, thus reducing athletes foot pain, get a good result. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; So, Bowerman designed the pieces of sneakers pattern. He found se Cheap foamposites for sale veral shoe companies, but no one cares about him, ask yourself altogether stubborn Bowerman cobbler, learned shoemaking, in the last Games, the athletes put on his handmade by his appearance ugly but lightweight and comfortable shoes, ran the results are good ranking than any previous game. After graduation, Knight continued to pursue MBA degree from Stanford University, and Bowerman continued to do track and field coach and athletic footwear design in college. In 1960, Knight graduated. During his investigation report mentioned in a lot of sports star and ordinary athletes actually have a common goal: to defeat Adidas, so that more and more athletes wear the Japanese production of high quality and low price of running shoes --Tigers Tiger . Knight decided after graduation to Japan to look for an opportunity. Exhibitions in Japan, Knight met in Japan Tiger sports shoes manufacturers, he claimed to be from the United States "Blue Ribbon Campaign Company," Tiger just need an agent to enter the US market, so he took the right agent He gave the inexperienced young man. Get the right agent to find the Bowerman Knight Now, both of them contributed $ 500, consisting of a real blue ribbon sports company, to become the exclusive distributor of Tiger sports shoes in the United States, began the initial start. The "Blue Ribbon" is the "Nike" predecessor. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike brilliant start-up time, no warehouse, Knight Knight father put stock in the basement of the house, he and Bowerman two people a tube Financial, a tube design, with very understanding. He has proven to predict the market is correct, this cheap sports shoes sell well, the first year it sold $ 8,000 worth of goods. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 1968 years after Bowerman restructuring Cortez shoes had become Tiger sports shoes most popular products, and Knight for the company's development and lay a solid financial basis. The company's business began to improve them. Soon, the Japanese company products sell well aware, we ask them to transfer after the first shipment. As a result, Bowerman their cost will be greatly improved, and had to redouble their efforts to sell. But Japan is also often not on time delivery, and even the first-class goods remain secretly sold in Japan, the defect to the United States. Once they receive a number of shoes Bowerman, Customer wore two weeks, on the separation of jordans for sale the upper sole. They had to swallow in order to maintain credibility, promptly returned to the customer. Even more exasperating is that Tiger also sent representatives to Eugene, Bowerman offered to buy 51% of shares, and accounted for two seats in the five directors, if you deny this request, immediately stop delivery. Make things difficult for the Japanese suffered unbearable Bowerman and Knight, flatly rejected the non-parts requirements. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Knight and Bowerman decided to open one of their own company, he named Nike, which is based on the name of the Greek god of victory and taken . The NIKE name, in the eye of the West was very lucky, easy to read and easy to remember, it can scream loud. They quickly launched a "Nike" name sports shoes, and mesh beautifully designed trademark. Nike, the famous "a hook" trademark eye-catching, with a visually appealing, as well as sports shoes and other sporting goods should have the kind of movement, a symbol of strength and speed. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In order to advertise, Knight and his wife hand-printed T-shirts to Nike Olympic preliminaries of the field distribution, but to see people have asked: "Who is Nike?" But in the game, Knight a little way out of the limelight, to be persuaded to use this new shoes marathon athlete finished fourth to seventh, while wearing Adidas shoes athletes preselected race is eligible for the top three. In the athletic footwear industry, Nike is facing fierce competition. Knight and Bowerman aware of: If you can not develop a product better than it is now a new product, they did not want to increase market share. And, so far, the US footwear manufacturers produced far less than the former Federal Republic of Germany Adidas company's foreign shoes. In 1975, a Sunday morning, Bowerman playing in baked waffle iron mold of a urethane rubber, used it to make a new type of shoe soles, in this waffle-style shoes fitted with small rubber nails, so that the elastic soles are stronger than the elastic popular on the market other shoe. This looks very simple product improvement, Knight and Bowerman became the starting point for the cause. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 1976, Nike $ 8.3 million the previous year soared to $ 14 million. It's like wildfire, as it developed, the company is developing new style running shoes and spend huge amounts of money. In thes cheap foamposites for sale e improvements, Nike Air gives the left a deep impression. Nike Air heel is used to embed the inflatable cushion, it is the company's footwear technology trump card. It kept longer than the elastic foam sponge or rubber. Comfortable and smooth. Now, almost all produced authentic Nike Nike sports shoes are embedded with such a cushion. Interestingly, consumers are not aware of this mystery, however, but this is exactly what Nike high-quality, high-performance, high-quality lies. How to do it? Sales planners so in the advertising moving some brains. Soon a very unique yet attractive posters appeared. In a Nike shoe heel opened two "windows", people through the "window" to see the soles of Nike Air. Painting posters greatly attract consumers and make them understand at a glance than at Nike sneakers came out on top of the other. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the next two years, "Nike" followed on sales quadrupled. By the late 1970s, Nike has nearly 100 researchers, many of whom have a degree in biology, chemistry, experimental biology, engineering, industrial design, chemistry and a variety of related fields. This strong research strength developed more than 140 different styles of products, many products are the most innovative and market the most advanced technology. These styles are based on different foot type, weight, running speed, training programs, gender and level of technology design. These different styles, different prices and multi-purpose products, attracting thousands of runners and make them feel Nike is to provide the most complete variety of running shoes manufacturer, millions all kinds, of all abilities runners have such a concept. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; against the never-ending corporate philosophy, to the 1979 Nike through the planning and the strong market for new products to sell, market share reached 33 percent, finally squeezed into the original by the Adidas, Puma and Tiger built "iron triangle", a sales star. By 1981, its market share even reached 50 percent, ahead of Adidas, while Knight himself running into the "Forbes" magazine coveted US 400 list of the richest people. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike culture "sports, performances, free and easy freedom of sportsmanship" is the pursuit of personalized Nike's corporate culture. This has the distinct characteristics of the corporate culture from the traditional concept o buy cheap jordans online f corporate image, Nike is the adventurous spirit of the pioneering companies in their verdant company is located in Oregon, has been cultivating a culture of well-designed, a veteran of Nike The manager once recalled: "It was like in a friendship environment full of hand, foot and work colleagues together happy to drink, stop talking about sports, and active and self-proclaimed anti-traditional character.." Every six months , Knight of the management team to meet and discuss strategy. The quarreling parties to "tit for tat" with. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Knight always encourage confrontation, or even encourage confrontation, and he, like everyone else, to accept other people's loud accusations. Nike business location, like the campus, have a forest, jogging trails, lakes, football field. Knight wanted to create a peaceful working environment, he thinks the world has confused enough, working hours should like home free. On the famous Nike ad strategy, also showed vitality different from others. Type of Nike athletes looking different from Adidas, they maverick, strong personality, irritability, aggressive,. Such as tennis star John McEnroe, people always see his rage on the tennis court, with the authority of their quarrel. There are tennis star Andre Agassi, his beard, long hair disheveled, the jeans cut pants as tennis, tennis and this denim pants will become Nike's specialty products. With these big sports stars QUICKER advertising, Nike sports shoes are no longer just a sports shoe, and became idols and symbols of social status. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 1984, Nike endorsers strategy began to re-establish their own image. He and Jordan signed a five-year contract, but also the conditions to grant Jordan Nike's stock, as well as an unprecedented courtesy, to use Jordan's name on the Nike sports shoes. Almost all of them think that this is a fool talented, but a spokesperson for it. But Knight insisted on doing this, the impact of Nike Jordan is enormous. Jordan, who embodies the energy, the prestige, the superb level of competition and exciting sports spirit, his ideal weight than any Nike logo. With the Jordan, Nike has created a new brand, "soar Jordan" (AirJordon), producing colorful basketball shoes and matching apparel. Advertising campaign "soar Jordan" is the success, but also the brand war victory in the first annual sales as high as $ 100 million. Jordan first wear the sneakers have been subjected to the prohibition of NBA officials, who believe that a violation of the league's dress code. Nike keenly feel this is a golden opportunity to conduct public relations activities, then launched an advertising solidarity, declared that "soar Jordan" was banned because it "revolutionary design." Results Nike and "soar Jordan" boarded the cover of countless newspaper headlines, NBA siege. Finally ending in favor of Nike ended. Advertising with athletes is that many people will think of, but the most successful, only Knight! & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; also known that many people "just do it", the hero of the first "Just do it" advertising is a wheelchair athlete Clegg? Brown repair, advertising slogan that appears in the black background of anti-white. Slogan did not read aloud, but it evokes a generation resonance. It is reminiscent of an obese man to postpone his weight loss plan, staff were busy by other things that upset the fitness activities and participate in sports activities dream was all the affairs of man interrupted. It was like Nike urging people to exercise, immediately go to action, to achieve.The Air Jordan 12 ??Flu Game?? is another Air Jordan 12 colorway that will be releasing in 2016, along side the Air Jordan 12 ??French Blue?? and other Retro/OG Air Jordan 12 colorways. Advertisment One of the more iconic Air Jordan 12 releases is the ??Flu Game?? edition, which was worn by Michael Jordan during Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz. His Airness put up 38-points all while suffering a flu-like symptoms. The Air Jordan 12 ??Flu Game?? was originally released back in 1997, then later retro??d in 2003, followed by another re-release in 2009. However, the 2009 pair didn??t meet ??OG?? standards as they were built with a nubuck upper that included detailing on the heel as a nod to the year and points Michael Jordan scored that day. Now they??re finally set to return as a remastered version for 2016 and will release just like they did when they were OGs. The shoe features a full Black-based upper with Varsity Red accents throughout. Air Jordan 12 Flu Game 2016 Release Date Check out the additional images below and look for the Air Jordan 12 ??Flu Game?? to make its retro debut on May 28th, 2016 at select Jordan Brand retail stores. The retail price tag is set at $190 USD. Air Jordan 12 ??Flu Game?? Black/Varsity Red 130690-002 May 28, 2016 $190 RELATED: Air Jordan Release Dates UPDATE: Check out these exclusive detailed on-feet images of the highly anticipated Air Jordan 12 ??Flu Game?? that retros tomorrow, May 28th. Images courtesy of @LapstoneandHammer. UPDATE: Finish Line will be one of many retailers carrying the Air Jordan 12 ??Flu Game?? release that debuts on May 28th. Check out the latest images below. UPDATE: Get a detailed look at the remastered ??Flu Game?? Air Jordan 12s. UPDATE: More detailed images via @us11hustla of the highly anticipated Air Jordan 12 ??Flu Game?? that retros on May 28th. UPDATE: Check out the latest beauty shots of the Air Jordan 12 Retro ??Flu Game?? below. UPDATE: Here is a detailed look at the remastered 2016 Air Jordan 12 ??Flu Game?? that will be debuting on May 28th. UPDATE: We now have a first look at the men??s Air Jordan 12 Retro ??Flu Game?? release that is set to debut on May 28th. Stay tuned for detailed images coming soon. UPDATE: Here is a first look in kids sizes via @realchickenwop of the ??Flu Game?? Air Jordan 12, along side two other upcoming Air Jordan 12 releases for 2016. Keep it locked for more info. (Below are not the 2016 images) Saturday morning seems to be in addition to get out and exercise should be to sleep comfortable lazy, but on the 30 day of the month but does not belong to any of the above circumstances, how many friends have canceled the arrangement, open the computer early waiting in the official website Nike Jordan 1 Retro High OG Air for "Chicago" on sale? As a result, Nike had a disappointing morning for everyone. Nike announced the same day due to the presence of the robot grab shoes disrupt the original sale plan, so the official announced that all online sale canceled, only to store sale, also so that the original number is not "Chicago" again increases the difficulty. The world's largest sports brand can not solve the simple robot? In this way, the unilateral declaration of cancellation seems totally beyond comprehension. In the end is what kind of reason, let Nike not sell, today NOWRE also discuss with you various possibilities. , if you understand the way Nike is sold in recent years, you'll find it seems that shoe snatching robots always take the lead. Robots are always faster than real buyers when they are on sale, of course, some of them do want to buy it, but most buyers of robots earn huge profits for two sales. This sudden cancellation does not mean that Nike has never faced this problem. Earlier, Nike used to send authentication code in Twitter to prevent automatic purchase of robots, but it was not long before it was stopped. As the world's largest sporting goods company, there is no doubt that Nike if you want to easily solve the problem of the robot is bound, it does not affect its profits, simply announced the cancellation of such a negative way indeed some helpless people. Now it's the price you pay for queuing up, you can't buy it. Why on earth did it happen? , if only in terms of economics, the problem is obvious: Nike's pricing of shoes is still not high enough. Supply and demand is the most direct way to guide pricing, and if demand is far greater than supply, then the high price is positive. Nike shoes if the offer price is $150, then the price of eBay may be doubled in the 300 U. S. dollars. So, why isn't Nike directly priced at $300, so why do you want to get that extra price out of someone else's wallet? Obviously, this crude solution, Nike, will not be taken. Nike claimed that the robot affected everyone's normal purchase, but still not resolved, appliances vulgar point of view is described as: "this must be strange.". Popular singer's concert online ticket sales often seem to be seconds speed sold out, but in fact, far from it. The company will reserve it for youadidas Originals's lniki Runner Boost this week ushered in a new color design, launched for boys Solar, Yellow/Core, Black and Easy Blue/Pear Grey, as well as for girls launched Haze Coral/Blue color. The pair of retro designed running shoes, combined with modern technology, will be on sale in April 20th for $120. About our contact, privacy policy, advertising, Recruitment Information 2016LONG7.COM, ALL, RIGHTS, RESERVED / POWERED, BY, LONG7, PROFESSIONAL, SNEAKER, MEDIA, Shanghai, ICP, ready for No.When the shoes meet the movie poster 2014-10-22 13:50:42 we often see the themes associated with sneakers in the works of the artist, and this French illustrator Romain Trystram has created a new series that has never appeared before. Romain Trystram combines Air Jordan sneakers with classic movie posters to create a brand new visual enjoyment. And Romain Trystram selected movie posters are star wars, Titanic, TRON these classic works.

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